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Fire Marshal's Safety Tip of the Week:

Safety tips to mow over.... Each year, there are over 100,000 lawn mower accidents. Furthermore, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that hospitals treat more than 400,000 outdoor garden-tool-related accidents each year. Estimates from past statistics show that yard work accidents fatally injure more than 3,000 people. So to help prevent injuries from occurring, lets talk about what to wear. Closed toed shoes, pants, eye protection, hearing protection, and even gloves are recommended. Wearing the right cutting gear will help with cuts, keep you from falling, help with flying debris, etc. It is recommended that children be 16 years of age or show a maturity-level consistent with operating the equipment in a responsible manner before you allow them to cut grass alone. Lastly you should walk your yard and pick up anything that could be thrown while cutting, and inspect your equipment before use. Have a safe week!

Recreational Burning Requirements:

Requirements for Recreational Fires:

  1. A recreational fire shall not be more than 5 feet wide by 5 feet long by 5 feet high in dimensions, and shall not burn for longer than 3 hours, unless permission is granted by Air Pollution Control District. Recreational fires in a commercially manufactured or permanently built fire pit may be exempt from requiring a permit. Contact APCD for further information.
  2. Only clean, dry, non-treated wood may be burned. No accelerants, such as gasoline, oil, paint thinners, old tires, etc., may be used to start the fire. Disposing of yard debris, building or construction debris, or household trash is prohibited.
  3. Notify fire department no less than 2 hours prior to a fire event to verify intention to burn.
  4. A competent person shall attend and monitor fires constantly, and fire is to be extinguished at the end of the event.
  5. Appropriate equipment and water supply must be readily available for use.
  6. If it is an “Air Quality Alert” (Ozone Action) day or the winds exceed 15 mph, the fire event shall not take place.

Call 574-3319 to verify Air Quality status prior to burning.

7.    A copy of this form must be approved and signed by the Air Pollution Control District and must be kept at the site of the fire. 

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